Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Mai Ueda Interview on Korean Elle

Mai Ueda at Palais De Tokyo on a golden BMW

Mai Ueda gave this interview for the next issue of Korean Elle. I like this interview very much and this is the english version.

1. How did you come about working with CELINE? What do you think appealed to CELINE about you? And, why did you accept to work with CELINE?
I was a friend of Jean Mark Loubier the president. We met because he came to see one of my performances in Paris . He understands artistic mood. I wanted Mai bag to be everywhere so It was good to collaborate with CELINE which is established internationally. Also I like CELINE's elegant and flexible identity.

2. For this project, did CELINE really not in any way oppose to or limit any of your suggestions or ideas?
A tag I wanted to have, was the Mai Bag for CELINE logo embossed inside, but they thought it will show opposit from out side that will be against idea of luxury. Also some content in Newspaper "Mai Ueda Times", we had to discuss a lot about having some things that I consider as my art which they considered as too sexual.

3. Do you think that the Mai Bag will appeal to the existing CELINE bag customers?
CELINE customers seem to like the bronze, other people love gold or silver.

4. What fashion style do you usually prefer?
I like mix of different style and make my own. I enjoy accidents.

5. Fashion and technology seem to be strongly present in your work. Why is fashion so important to you? What do you think is the borderline between fashion and art?
Art is about originality and changing existing value to next level.Fashion is about beauty and practicality. I care for both.
Mai Ueda and Olivier Zahm holding Maibag

6. Who decided the concept of the photos featured in the Mai Ueda Times? The photos are very different from the past advertising visuals of CELINE. Did CELINE express any concern regarding your photos?
Photos are my private photos, I did them with my friend on our trip. So, they are not planned and went thorough many people's decision as usual fashion photos by a professional photographer.

7. I read you saying in an interview, "I don't try to be an artist, but I would like to be an icon." How do you want yourself to be recognized, remembered, adored? How do you want to influence the general public?
I think when somebody is remarkable, things that people see becomes THEM. For example, Los Angeles is so David Lynch, that dress you bought at flea market is very Yves Saint Lauren, your attitude at the party last night was totally Paris Hilton etc... Whatever I create or I do should be very me and my goal is that people will start recognizing things as Mai someday.

8.Your performances are very sexual. In Korea, female artists who actively express sexuality meet with strong opposition of the existing art world. If your performances are introduced in Korea, they would be sensational and regarded as very original and daring. What are your thoughts on such conservatism?
I did already performed at Seoul biennale. It was not too sexual one, but people liked it. Although there were not much press. After the show, we went to "booking club". I was surprised to see such direct way of meeting people and having fun. I haven't seen something like that anywhere else in the world so far. So I am not sure if Korea is conservative, maybe it is just different.

9. Do you enjoy being considered sexual? What are your thoughts on the relationship between female artists and sexuality?
Having sexuality is like having nationality. Female artist often end up using sexuality as their subject, that's because womaness is in their personality.

10. Your work covers diverse genres from music, film, technology, fashion to drawing, etc. Amidst the different genres, what is the principle that you as an artist try to keep consistent?
I try to be cautious of content and timing and bring Mainess in it.

Thank you!

Thank you too!
Mai Ueda 2/ 22 /2006


At 1:06 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the guy holding the bag n the girl in his lap. that picture looks like she was a hooker ! no offence...

At 4:41 AM, Blogger Angelo Plessas said...

Is it bad for a girl to sit on a man's lap? we are are in 2007 man...

At 10:24 AM, Blogger mai said...

Actually, i paid the man to be seated on his lap. Celine paid for it and my ex boyfriend took the photo. it was an experiment of feeling. And he is not just a man he is someboy interesting and important, not like you.

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