Sunday, April 13, 2008

Old Thierry Mugler


Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A collection

"Bad" food as inspiration for costume design can minimize (or more possibly maximize) a lot of our cravings. Get yourself a nice hot dog and this can bring a lot of attention. I have found this great photo album here along with the best collections from all kinds of categories. Related Links


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Today in Athens at Benaki Museum: Paper Fashion

Promotional paper dress of Universal Studios

My ripping girl animation

The biggest collection of Paper dresses opens today in a show called RRRIPP!!! at the Benaki museum in Athens. The collection includes works by Andy Warhol, Helmut Lang, Hussein Chalayan, John Galliano. Apart from the original 60's collection, the curator Vassilis Zidianakis and director of the non-profit Atopos has asked new fashion designers and artists to create something of their own inspired by the dresses in the collection. New creations include fashion designers Rick Owens , Sophia Kokosalaki, Bas Kosters, Angelos Bratis and artists Bob Wilson, Irini Miga , Jannis Varelas etc. I participate in this show with an animation called Ripping Girl (see photo above). Unfortunately I miss the opening tonight. More info here

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

The Pirates of Geoffrey b. Small

Finally a fresh collection from Paris! I don't know if fashion designer Geoffrey b. Small is inspired by the PirateBay aesthetic but all I can say this is quite appropriate with my previous posts. Click here to see collection via IQONS website.


Thursday, December 21, 2006

Do you remember "R e m e m b e r "?

Love This Logo

I should not stick so much in the eighties but I cannot leave unmentioned about my 2006 fashion store re-discovery. In the Athens of the 80's punks and rock fans used to buy their clothes from Remember. I still remember my mom's nod of disapproval when I bought my first Cure pins in the summer of 1989. Remember still operates in Plaka with the most outstanding leftovers from this era. Almost a year ago I was walking in Plaka and I was very happy to discover that I could find shoes and clothes from the upcoming Dior Homme, Balenciaga, Bernard Wilhelm and Rick Owens catwalks but 20 times cheaper and more original. The hyper-social owner Dimitris Tsouanatos is really the athenian encyclopedia of the 80's so if you still think that Athens sucks on shopping, Remember to visit Remember!

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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

My friend Priscilla Vaccari has a great sense of style. What is more elegant than this Undercover coat? more on Priscilla soon

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

The new A issue: Jun Takahashi

The new issue of A magazine is curated by Undercover's Jun Takahashi. The magazine includes an extensive look on his tokyo lab, his stuffed dolls and statues, his designed furniture, his drawings and of course his fashion. There are also some interviews. Here is an extract from his interview to Terry Jones about his last collection:" My first idea was to use just one fabric and one color on the wholebody (wrapped faces too). I thought it would be beautiful, attractive in a way. I am realising recently that people say it's dark, but for me it's beautiful [..]It's romantic, beautiful and also ugly in a way sometimes and all these kind of feelings are finally beautiful in a way." Check his last collection on here

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tsui Design

Andreas is providing me with the best architecture information. One of the most innovative and cool architecture magazines is Mark. This magazine is based in Holland and covers a more visionary and fresh aspect of architecture of today. The 4th issue has a full-page article about Andreas' Cloud house (check my June archive for more on this). Browsing a little more I discovered something very very unusual which sticked on my brain since yesterday. Tsui design is an architecture and design firm based in California. I would call their architecture a mixture of Gaudi meets World of Warcraft. Maybe their buildings look more like videogame than a real videogame. Apart from designing these dreamy houses they also make fashion. Why not? entering their houses in Ralph Lauren is a major faux pas... Check their website here

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